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MBA Heaven: Applying to Business School
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Business School MBA Programs: Choosing Among the Options

business school MBA programs

Once you decide to apply to business school, you'll be faced with three options: full time, part time, and executive MBA programs. Each program has its own characteristics and choosing among them can sometimes be difficult. Your choice will depend on a combination of factors, including your financial situation, desire to study full-time, and work experience.

Generally speaking, a full time MBA is regarded as the most complete education. It requires you to take a break from your career and focus entirely on the business school experience, from coursework for networking. A part time MBA allows you to keep working, but limits opportunities to socialize with your classmates. And an executive MBA is just like a part time program, except that it's designed exclusively for executives with more years of work experience.

Take the time to learn about the different types of business school MBA programs, internalize the information, and make an informed decision.

master's degreeFull Time MBA

Afull time MBA program is the quintessential business school experience. For the duration of the program, you will focus exclusively on classes and networking, without outside distractions... Read more »

PhD degreePart Time MBA

Part time MBA programs offer a variety of benefits and drawbacks compared to full time programs. Virtually all part time students hold full time jobs and study in their spare time... Read more »

postbaccalaureateExecutive MBA

Executive MBA programs are part-time MBA programs with exclusive membership requirements. Students are typically seasoned managers with approximately 10 years of work experience... Read more »

master's vs. PhD MBA Programs: Which is Right for You?

Choosing the right MBA program for you depends on your goals and circumstances. A full time vs. a part time MBA program will open up a different set of opportunities... Read more »





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