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MBA Heaven: Applying to Business School
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How to Get Into Business School: Tips, Tricks, and More!

how to get into business school

Getting admitted to business school requires the right mix of ingredients. Much like a cheeseburger's taste depends on the choice and preparation of multiple ingredients – meat, bread, vegetables, condiments – your application's success hinges on multiple factors. Simply put, if the admissions committee doesn't like your application, you won't be offered admission. The good news is that you're largely in control of the outcome, from the application essays to standardized test scores. So read on, and learn the ins and outs of how to get into business school!

grad school deadlines Timely Submission of Application Materials

You'd be surprised by how many people fail to submit their business school applications on time. Schools often accept applicants in multiple rounds, staggered across deadlines.... Read more »

gre GMAT / GRE

Standardized exams are a leading causes of anxiety among business school applicants. No kidding, right? The prospect of taking a multi hour exam is enough to rattle all but the most stoic... Read more »

work experience Work Experience

Leadership talent is developed and honed through work experience – or so the theory goes. While many business schools don't have formal requirements for the number of years of work experience to apply, the unstated rule is that you should have at least two years... Read more »

personal statement Application Essays

Business school application essays play an integral part in admissions, answering the all-important question: "Why should you admit me?" In this piece of self-promotion, you're expected to discuss your background, qualifications, and motivations for attending business school... Read more »

letters of recommendation Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters are votes of confidence from managers, peers, and clients that you have the requisite qualities to attend business school. The thought process is that managers and clients can best judge your leadership potential, while peers can best judge your teamwork skills... Read more »

networking with faculty Networking

Getting into business school is not all about your work experience and accomplishments – there's also the human factor. Sometimes we forget that institutions are not abstract entities, but a collection of people like you and me... Read more »

interviews Interviews

Most business schools invite applicants to an on-campus interview as the final step in the screening process. Some schools don't conduct interviews, but if they do and you're invited, you'll know that things are going well... Read more »

offers Responding to Offers

Congratulations on receiving one or more business school offers! Now that your hard work has paid off, there's only one thing left for you to do – respond "yes" or "no". Well, there's actually a little more to it than that... Read more »





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