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Preparing for the GMAT / GRE...Effectively!

preparing for the gmat

Standardized exams are a leading causes of anxiety among business school applicants. No kidding, right? The prospect of taking a multi hour exam is enough to rattle all but the most stoic. Luckily, we've been through the process and earned top scores, so you can learn from our experience preparing for the GMAT and GRE. The most important takeaway is that standardized exams are highly learnable. Earning a good score is simply a matter of commitment and patience.

So which exam should you take – GMAT or GRE? For decades, the GMAT was the undisputed king of management education. Since the late 2000s, however, many business schools have started to accept the GRE. What this means is that you may the option to choose which exam to take. Both exams essentially test the same skills, namely your verbal, quantitative, and critical thinking skills. The difference is in the way they do it, using different question types and formats. If you have a choice, we recommend spending some time to familiarize yourself with each exam and choosing the one you feel more comfortable with. Consider taking a free GMAT practice test and GRE practice test on the web sites of the test creators.

Once you've figured out what exam to take, you'll need to prepare thoroughly. Here's how:

bullet Preparing for the GMAT

bullet Preparing for the GRE





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